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Contract Administration

Providing a seamless process from identification to development of a remedial site specific scope of works, to preparation of tender documents, undertaking a tendering process to Contract Administrating the works to practical completion - no job is too small or large for Integrated.

Scope of Works & Specifications

A detailed Scope of Works and Specification is critical in allowing the calling of comparative quotations from contractors. When Integrated creates a Scope of Works and Specification it states the remedial methodologies and nominates the materials to be utilised thus facilitating a , quality and long term rectification. As a result, tendering contractors are quoting the same details, and as such, the client can compare ‘apples for apples’ when considering the pricing and be confident that the works will be completed in accordance with the National Construction Code and relevant Australian Standards.


Integrated has developed a ‘Preferred Contractors List’ consisting of a select group of building contractors whom over the years have qualified for selection via a stringent list set of criteria and performance based factors across many projects (i.e. licensing, insurances, quality of workmanship, reference checks, turn-around and performances on previous projects, experience, fair trading registration etc). Integrated will tender out the Scope of Works to a minimum of three remedial contractors from our ‘Preferred Contractors List’, have the appointed Consultant attend an on-site meeting with the tendering contractors to view the property and so as to clarify aspects of the Scope of Works and on closing of the tendering process prepare a Tender Analysis Document to assist the client in the selection of their preferred contractor.

Contract Administration

Once the Owners Corporation has selected their preferred contractor for the works, Integrated can provide further services in Contract Administrating the work through to Practical Completion, these services will generally include for the following: -

  • Drafting and reviewing the contracts between the contractor and the client

  • Integrated will facilitate any contract amendments between the parties and see to the exchange of the contract between the two parties -Integrated will organise and chair a pre-start meeting prior to the commencement of the works

  • Integrated shall inspect the works once a week and/or at deemed applicable Hold Points and provide a weekly update report outlining the overall observations, progress, quality and compliance of works completed. It also summarises the financial status of the contract and completion timeframe for the works at that point in time

  • Progress claim inspections shall be carried out by Integrated at the stage or time as indicated in the building contract and process same once approved

  • Assessing and processing approved Variation submissions.


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