Integrated Building & Engineering Consultants

How We Can Help

From small building works issues to ongoing large building remediation projects for all building types; Integrated can provide the necessary diagnostic and professional advice to facilitate resolution and as required develop Scope of Works Specifications and ongoing on-site inspection support to confirm conformance with Specified works. Integrated can also provide expert determinations and evidence across all areas of building and construction litigation, disputes suitable for all tribunal and court jurisdictions.

Building Engineering & Consultancy

Services Include:

  • Identification, investigation and diagnosis of building issues / defective building works. General Building & Engineering Reports (ingress, waterproofing, cracking, spalling etc).
  • Scope of Works & Specifications to facilitate compliant remediation
  • Ongoing on-site inspection support to confirm conformance with Specified works

Litigation Support

We Identify and detect building problems from water leaks to structural investigations and assess non- safely accessible areas via utilising technology and without costly destructive demolition.

  • Expert Determinations & Expert Evidence
  • Reports suitable for Mediation and Litigation for all matters of building and construction disputes
  • Expert Conclave services
  • Expert Responses – providing expert determinations in reply to other expert reports regarding purported defects/issues
  • Expert Witness services in all tribunal and court jurisdictions

Water Ingress


Spalling Concrete

Retaining Wall

Failed Retaining Walls


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