Integrated Building & Engineering Consultants

Litigation Support

In the specialist field of Expert Witness Services; The Integrated team is constantly sought after by many of Sydney’s leading legal firms to provide expert determinations and evidence. Our Experts have the relevant experience to work with legal professionals in providing expert evidence across all areas of building and construction litigation, disputes and in all tribunal and court jurisdictions.

Building Defects

Integrated provide Building & Engineering Consultancy Services in undertaking building defect inspections and reports and can subsequently prepare: -

  • A Preliminary Building Defects Report (suitable for providing to the original builder to reply/facilitate a potential agreement); or

  • A Litigation Compliant Building Defects Report substantiating the defect determination via nominating the breaches of the National Construction Code, relevant Australian Standards, Home Building Act and any provided building plans, specifications, schedule of finishes etc as deemed applicable. Integrated can also provide Expert Conclave services in order to review and negotiate defect items prior to mediation or litigation reducing overall litigation costs and court time for our clients.

Integrated Solutions – Litigation Support

  • Expert Determinations & Expert Evidence

  • Reports suitable for Mediation and Litigation for all matters of building and construction disputes

  • Building Defects Reports suitable for resolution facilitation or building defects claims/litigation

  • Expert Conclave services

  • Expert Responses – providing expert determinations in reply to other expert reports regarding purported defects/issues

  • Expert Witness services in all tribunal and court jurisdictions


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